Kitchen Reno: Almost there!

Hi all!  It has been a long, LONG, time coming, but the kitchen is near to complete.

Here are a few photos:


The colour(less) pallet

The main area of our home is open with a living room, eating nook and kitchen.  The paint colours that I’ve been rocking in the largest areas have been subdued browny-taupes. We decided to go with white to brighten things up, a-la subway tile, white cabinetry and a creamy marble-esque quartz countertops. The sample we chose for our counter is, above left, by Cambria.

One set back is that our contractor, said to be one of the best in our city, is behind 6 MONTHS (sad, mad, sadder, madder face)! We are still using painted plywood countertops and a laundry sink. Having said that, my husband was brilliant deciding to install that sink, because the space is functional and a few of my friends have assumed that the sink is part of the design. Bless them!



Before old lighting was removed, but new drool-worthy lights go in

We expanded our kitchen island since it works well for storage (we lost a bit of storage with our choice to go with some open shelving) and works well for harbouring visitors, especially at man parties, where my husband and his friends never seem to sit, not even on a comfy couch.


I’m a “fan”

I am loving the hardware we chose from Restoration Hardware.



Cooking tastes better here

I haven’t quite nailed down all of the details, but I will in the next little bit.  Christmas “break” is an excellent time to cross off more than your Christmas list! Think many unscheduled, unobstructed, hours and hours to renovate!


***A HUGE thanks to my brother-in-law and my husband for making this magic happen***



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