Soothed and Enthralled

Have you seen this month’s House BeautifulI couldn’t help but write a post about the home decorated by designer Benjamin Dhong.  It has sent me over the edge with excitement and calm– if that can even make sense.

Take a look!


The greens used in this dining room are not typically colours that I relish but Dhong is a slick visual negotiator; together the colours intrigue me and read as cozy.04-hbx-bliss-home-chairs-0914-lgn

The round framed painting of clouds and horizon hangs over a corner sectional with orange accents. In the forefront, a beautifully intricate sculpture perches on a modern tulip table, creating an interesting juxtaposition.07-hbx-green-velvet-ottoman-0914-lgn

Dhong triumphs again by layering different hues of green. The muddy olive that envelops the space in combination with the distressed mantle create the ultimate feeling of understated sophistication.03-hbx-resin-artwork-0914-lgn09-hbx-restoration-hardware-josephine-bed-0914-lgn

The principal bedroom is restrained and soothing in complementing neutrals.
10-hbx-faux-rock-console-0914-BPJZ4e-lgn I love this little area.  I would read away a weekend here.13-hbx-wade-hoefer-painting-0914-lgn The images, above and below, are of the outlying pool house.  The use of faux bois wallpaper, bleached wood tones and white marry perfectly together.



What do you think?


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