Masculine Ensuite

My husband is a patient and generous man.  He has listened attentively and been supportive while I have flip-flopped through various ideas and decorating incarnations during our life together.  Most recently, he has been by my side as I have begun the process of putting  together a mood board of potential materials for our next renovation– our principal bedroom’s ensuite.
This room is an expression and celebration of him.  I love the idea of creating a room that he will enjoy as much as I do.
 Masculine Ensuite
Our bedroom is bright and airy and so the bathroom will provide some neat contrast.  I aim to make it enveloping and well-lit at the same time.
We learned a lot when we tackled out first bathroom reno.  We learned that I could tile and that he has killer plumbing skills (he might argue that he had a handle on his skills pre-reno)!  We learned to be patient and to take it one step at a time (I am still learning this).  And although I love to “be” in a space that I find comfortable and aesthetically stimulating, I love the amount of time you free-up when you create a space that is easy to clean!  That way you have a clean and beautiful room!
The job is still a month and a half away, but I like to get a head start and plan it out.  We will purchase most of our supplies on our next vacation, but a few things will be ordered and sent in the mail as well.
Wish us luck!

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